Posture First Exercise Therapy offers multi-day workshops that are intended to:

  • Remind you that you can change your mindset.
  • Educate you about static and dynamic posture.
  • Explain about and show you the difference between functional and dysfunctional posture.
  • Help you identify your posture deviations.
  • Introduce you to some posture alignment exercises.
  • Encourage you to take responsibility for your posture (and health).
  • Encourage you to commit to working towards a fully functional and pain-free body.
  • Encourage you to move more than you are (probably) moving.
  • Discuss and point to other resources available to you.

Posture First Exercise Therapy workshops do not:

  • Offer a magic, effortless solution to ease your pain or improve your posture.
  • Allow you to hand over responsibility for your body to someone else.
  • Fix you.
  • Eliminate your pain.

*The exercises do improve posture and reduce or eliminate pain, but you are the one who puts forth the effort.

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