Individual private sessions are conducted in the Posture First Exercise studio, in the Northwest Fitness & Massage studio*, or in a client’s home if they are unable to get into one of these locations. Sessions involve an assessment of the client’s current pains, posture deviations, and movement limitations and, if applicable, an evaluation of how the previous routine appears to be working, and then the creation of a new, customized routine.
PTX Posture

It is important to realize that posture deviations do not spring up overnight and corrections to posture deviations take time. Clients are encouraged to sign up for a series of private sessions and to participate in workshops and classes. In other words, to make this program a part of their life.

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* Grace Lambert and Kevin Pedrey, owner of Northwest Fitness & Massage, collaborate on their work with clients – whether in private sessions, workshops or classes – to give clients a variety of options for improving their posture, reducing or eliminating their pain, restoring mobility and balance, and regaining strength and confidence to participate in activities that they love to do.