Posture First Exercise Therapy starts with a free posture assessment. This is where clients:

  • Describe their aches and pains and range of motion limitations.
  • List prior injuries and/or surgeries and therapies.
  • Share their thoughts about what might be going on (because we are each the expert of our own body).

This is where I:

  • Take photographs – front, left side, right side, and back views.
  • Instruct the client to do a few movements and tell me how it feels.
  • Evaluate what is before me: the photos, the client’s story – including their injury and therapy history – their static and dynamic posture, as well as their movement limitations and the site of their pain.
  • Ask the client to perform one or more exercises that I know will begin to help correct their position, evaluating the effectiveness of each. In this way a routine is built that they can take home and do daily to start their journey to better posture and less pain.

It is important to know where clients hurt, but most clients are surprised to learn that – unless they have had a traumatic accident – their pain is rarely caused by whatever appears to be going on at the site of their pain (their “condition”), the source of their pain is more often due to posture imbalances (their “position”). These imbalances put excessive strain on the body and the resulting pain can actually manifest far from the posture deviation.

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