Grace Lambert

Grace Lambert

I am a PTX licensed therapist, Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS II), certified by the Egoscue University, and owner of Posture First Exercise Therapy. I am excited to educate you about the profound effect posture has on your health and well-being. I want you to know that it’s possible to tap into your body’s ability to adapt, and to experience improved posture alignment – even after years of being misaligned.

The exercises I teach are gentle (though they can also be challenging) and can be done with a minimum amount of equipment at home, or in a gym or yoga studio. I especially enjoy the camaraderie and dynamics of groups, and so I love to teach workshops and small group classes. I also work with people privately in their homes if they are unable to get into the studio. My passion is really ignited by clients who are highly motivated and willing to commit to improving their posture through daily exercise.

The Short Version of My Story

I became passionate about posture – and educated as a posture alignment specialist – because I was in pain for years and nothing gave me lasting relief until I discovered posture therapy. Matt Whitehead, owner of Oregon Exercise Therapy, gave me customized routines that did more than just correct my posture and eliminate my pain – they became a valuable tool that I continue to use every day to remain active and pain-free.

I chose the name Posture First Exercise Therapy because posture is the foundation of any exercise program or activity – it comes prior to all doing, even sitting quietly or lying down. So good posture is not just about doing an exercise in good form, it’s about living your life in good form and experiencing the many benefits of being in good postural alignment.

Movement is vital to good health. I encourage everyone to keep moving, and to participate in any exercise program or physical activity that appeals to them, maintaining a heightened kinesthetic sense of posture and form all day, every day, regardless of activity.

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